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Why we recommend The
Rockster Food

..Read about the food from the owners themselves below

"Rockster was an emaciated street dog from the steps of La Conca del Sogno, south of Naples. He lived at least 21 years and had puppies at 18 on THIS food. He passed of an accident in great health.


The Rockster never wanted to eat commercial pet foods, choosing to eat leftovers instead. An expert explained that as a genuine street dog, he was genetically wired to avoid anything that could be harmful. 'You’ll never see a genuine street dog eating chocolate'.

Zoe created a superfood with a team of expert nutritionists using some of Zoe’s late Godfather’s theories on immunological responses to dysbiosis in the gut (Sir John Vane, Nobel Laureate for Medicine 1982). 


Rockster is the only bio-organic dog food in the world that is certified as a superfood in its own right. Rockster products use only muscle and vital inner organs of animals raised under strict organic criteria without use of antibiotics or added growth hormones and fed biologically appropriate food without exposure to chemicals or pesticides. Animals have been raised humanely and are certified to have only been fed biologically approved feed or grass. Meaningful levels of a wide variety of bio-organic superfoods, are added in specific combinations to support the health of dogs. Each recipe includes natural prebiotics which support nutrient absorption in the digestive tract as well nurturing the gut microbiome.


Unlike other commercial pet foods, Rockster Superfood is gently poached from raw in the can at low temperatures, mirroring sous-vide cooking methods. Cooking from raw in the can at lower temperatures without exposure to oxygen. This means that the food does not contain any added preservatives.  Each recipe has been meticulously formulated with up to 87% meat content and specific combinations of nutrients coming from plant based sources resulting in optimum Omega fatty acid ratios and very high levels of antioxidants.

The raw ingredients are cooked only once, without any exposure to oxygen. Rockster canned products are gently steamed from raw in the BPA free can at minimum permitted temperatures for 2 hrs until the centre of each can reaches 121 degrees Celsius retaining nutrient value due to lack of oxidisation. Most canned pet foods are cooked (often processed multiple times) and then sterilised in the can for shorter periods at very high temperatures. The anaerobic manufacturing process means that no artificial preservatives are required.

Rockster Superfood is suitable for dogs with allergies due to its genuinely single protein formula, and absence of any harmful chemicals, allergens, cereals or gluten. This food contains Fermented Jerusalem Artichoke which is one of the richest sources of inulin (an indigestible fiber); fruit and vegetables such as Pumpkin and Spinach are also good sources of prebiotics. 

Jaime and Founder Zoe

Zoe (Rockster founder) on left. Jaime standing to the right.

Can Rockster Food be used with other diets?

"Yes – Rockster foods can be used in addition to dry/processed, home-cooked, raw and other wet diets.

MANY EXPERTS BELIEVE THAT IT IS ESSENTIAL TO ADD FRESH OR A HIGH QUALITY WET FOOD TO A KIBBLE FOOD to avoid chronic dehydration, as dogs need moisture in their diet to maintain healthy kidneys.  Dogs are supposed to have at least 60% moisture in their diet - dry foods contain only 8%-10%.

This is evidenced by clinical research studies as well as research on what a dog’s biologically appropriate diet should be.  Rockster can very effectively be used as a topper or addition to dry foods/kibble to increase the nutritional content and add much needed moisture to the meal. Just one spoonful a day has made a huge difference for many dogs." 

Our Personal Testimony:

In just a few days, our dogs coat, energy, and motivation changed for the better. Our two personal dogs have become extremely eager to work for their meals which makes training a breeze. They are able to scent directly to this food immediately. This means that scent work training and medical scent "pairing" with this food will increase the motivation for our dogs to see value in alerting to medial episodes. We can't wait fathom to explain all of the benefits received from this food after long term use.

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